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AESP New England Chapter/Northeast Efficiency Council Conference!

By Ann Speers

September 30th marked the 15th annual conference jointly organized by the Association of Energy Services Professionals’ New England Chapter and the Northeast Energy Efficiency Council.  Over 150 energy efficiency practitioners attended the one-day event.

As the newest Opinion Dynamics team member at our Waltham headquarters, I headed to the conference planning to learn as much as possible about energy efficiency programs in my own backyard. Conference organizers: thank you for making this easy and enjoyable!

Much like Governor Charlie Baker’s “combo platter” approach to diversifying Massachusetts energy policy, this conference offers a great opportunity to consider a diversity of energy efficiency perspectives. At this conference, policymakers, program administrators, implementers, evaluators, and old friends catch up and learn from one another. And, with a regional scope, presenters and attendees can really connect in terms of practical updates that are relevant to just about everyone in the room.

This year, we heard from Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources’ Commissioner Judith Judson about the state’s new energy efficiency plans, which are expected to provide $3 in ratepayer benefits for every $1 spent towards electric savings targets.

Opinion Dynamics’ Adam Burke moderated a well-received panel of administrators involved in New York’s “Reforming the Energy Vision” process.  Panelists discussed a few topics, including the use of market-based models to identify the best mix of generation, storage and demand response solutions for a complex energy world.

We also heard success stories from program implementers using gamification, person-to-person connections, and engineering data to increase commercial customer engagement in energy efficiency.

We closed the day with a great panel of administrators and advisors discussing ways that New England’s historic leadership in greenhouse gas emissions reductions might continue to benefit states as they craft compliance plans for EPA’s 111(d) Clean Power Plan.

Like I said… a combo platter, with all the right fixings. Here’s the full list of what we learned:

And here’s a snapshot of the Opinion Dynamics team at our conference booth. We’ll be back next year for more learning and networking with you!

The Opinion Dynamics Team from left-to-right: Ann Speers, Zach Ross, Evan Tincknell, Bill Norton, Adam Burke and John Tortorella

The Opinion Dynamics Team from left-to-right: Ann Speers, Zach Ross,
Evan Tincknell, Bill Norton, Adam Burke and John Tortorella