Monthly Archives: February 2016

AESP National Conference

By Ann Speers, Project Manager

“Energy is Hot, Hot, Hot!” – that was the official theme of last week’s AESP (Association of Energy Services Professionals) National Meeting which attracted over 850 attendees to Phoenix, Arizona. The annual event brings together a diverse group of vendors, consultants, utilities and regulators with one goal: to exchange ideas on how our industry can continue its long and successful history of sharing proven pathways which lead to customer-focused energy savings.

Let me provide some examples:

  • Five regional energy efficiency non-profits gave updates on local drivers shaping utilities’ energy efficiency policies throughout the country.
  • Large C&I customers Whole Foods and United Technologies discussed how demand response and energy efficiency programs can best address their needs.
  • Implementers discussed ways they’ve learned to best “cheer on” standard program participants to achieving deeper energy savings.

The Opinion Dynamics contingent stayed busy networking with attendees and discussing trends in research and evaluation, and Senior Analyst Zach Ross volunteered to serve as Vice Chair of AESP’s Market Research & Evaluation topic committee. Check out this vibrant committee and see how you can get involved.

CEO Brad Kates spoke on the value of Evaluation through Segmentation, and Project Manager Kessie Avseikova presented her work on the New Role of Niche Programs in the Age of Big Data, Segmentation and Micro-targeting.  We also watched Project Director Megan Campbell, who served on the conference’s program committee, skillfully moderate a session on the Future of DSM Business.

We enjoyed spectacular views of the Valley of the Sun at our hosted dinner, and we added new followers to our Twitter account. As the conference came to a close, we left Arizona eager to get back to continue our work in delivering actionable results to our valued clients.