Adam Burke

Adam Burke is a Managing Director at Opinion Dynamics. In addition to overseeing much of the daily operations of our Waltham office, he is responsible for a broad range of energy efficiency and renewable energy research for both commercial and residential programs. Much of Adam’s 20 plus years’ of experience in research, analysis, and project management has focused on improving the environmental performance of businesses and industry sectors, primarily by encouraging their efficient use of energy and other resources. To this end, he has provided key support to large-scale government efforts and worked directly with businesses and trade groups. With a background in engineering, Adam is adept at analyzing the technical aspects of energy efficient and renewable energy project designs and equipment. His experience also includes survey research, focus groups, and in-depth interviews to identify opportunities and approaches for motivating and influencing practices that affect energy use. He has experience managing sample design, data collection, instrument design, program theory, logic modeling, and data analysis for both qualitative and quantitative research. Businesses and individuals face a combination of technical, financial, and organizational challenges in improving and promoting energy efficiency, distributed energy, and innovative technologies. Adam’s understanding of these challenges offers our clients valuable insights and helps to ensure that our research provides actionable and meaningful results. Adam received a master from Tuft University’s School of Engineering, and a bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Connecticut. He is based in Opinion Dynamics’ Waltham, Massachusetts office.