Antje Flanders

Antje Flanders is a Vice President at Opinion Dynamics with 20 years’ experience in research, analysis, and project management. Ms. Flanders has extensive experience in portfolio evaluation, net impact analysis, market characterization, and survey development and implementation. At Opinion Dynamics, she has managed a variety of projects in the Commercial & Industrial, and Residential sectors, including evaluations of energy efficiency, demand response, behavioral, financing, and community-based programs as well as multiple equipment saturation and potential studies. Ms. Flanders’ primary responsibilities include overseeing portfolio evaluations and other large-scale efforts, conducting technical review, managing evaluation and direct market research projects, maintaining client contact, managing project budgets, and overseeing Opinion Dynamics’ analysts. She is also heavily involved in developing evaluation methodologies, questionnaires, and discussion guides; conducting net impact analyses; interpreting survey and analysis results; and writing reports. Ms. Flanders received her master of arts in economics from Boston University.