Katherine Randazzo

Dr. Katherine V. Randazzo is the Principal Data Scientist at Opinion Dynamics. Dr. Randazzo has over 40 years of experience in research covering a wide variety of topics and methods. Her experience extends from 20 years of academic research focusing on the criminal and juvenile justice system to 25 years focusing on evaluation and market research as President of KVDR Inc.

Over the years, Dr. Randazzo has taught multivariate statistics, power analysis, survey research, and sampling to PhD students in psychology, including supervising many dissertations using structural equation modeling, standard regression techniques, classification and regression trees, and other multivariate methods. She specializes in research design, methods and statistics, and survey instrument construction. An important aspect of her contribution to any study is the interpretation of complex quantitative and qualitative results and the translation of the results into actionable conclusions.

Before joining Opinion Dynamics full time, Dr. Randazzo worked closely with our team on the evaluation of California’s education and information programs, specifically overseeing the development of the structural equation models that helped California to better understand the influence of its statewide marketing efforts. She has also conducted analyses for the residential and non-residential segmentation studies for California, New York, and other territories using multiple methods, including latent class analysis, cluster analysis, and classification and regression trees. She has conducted many studies using latent class discrete choice experiment, yielding highly useful results for both evaluation and marketing questions in the same design. In addition she has completed countless sampling designs using numerous approaches, choosing each to match the questions at hand. Dr. Randazzo has a PhD in sociology from the University of Southern California.