Kessie Avseikova

Kessie Avseikova brings close to a decade of experience designing and leading evaluation and research for clients in the energy sector. Kessie offers our clients an exceptional blend of portfolio management experience, deep knowledge of the regional evaluation and regulatory landscape, and intimate understanding of research and evaluation in the residential sector.

Kessie has successfully directed dozens of evaluation and research projects of various sizes, areas of focus, and complexity, spanning from traditional evaluations of residential and commercial energy efficiency programs, to evaluations of innovative program designs, to tailored strategic research efforts, to large-scale market characterization and potential studies. Through extensive academic training and vast experience with primary quantitative and qualitative research design and data collection Kessie offers clients deep understanding of the best practices in primary research design in the energy sector. Kessie is an active contributor to the industry body of knowledge. She is a member of prominent industry association and presents frequently at conferences and other industry engagements. All that combined with Kessie’s exceptional project management skills allow her to deliver high quality, deeply thoughtful, and actionable evaluation results to our clients on time and on budget.

Kessie received a master in advertising management with concentration in market research from Boston University, and a bachelor’s degree in linguistics with minors in computer linguistics, foreign languages, and pedagogics from Minsk State Linguistic University in Belarus. Kessie is based in Opinion Dynamics’ Waltham, Massachusetts office.