Megan Campbell

Megan Campbell is a Vice President at Opinion Dynamics. Ms. Campbell is dedicated to ensuring that projects are managed effectively and efficiently, and works closely with clients to ensure that research provides actionable results that are meaningful to the client’s mission. Ms. Campbell has managed research studies in the energy industry for 15 years. She has vast experience evaluating residential, commercial and industrial, energy efficiency, renewable, and financing programs for utilities and government entities. Ms. Campbell has worked on both the client-side and the consulting-side in the area of market research and project management, and has direct experience managing sample design, data collection instrument design, program theory, logic modeling, and statistical analysis for both qualitative and quantitative research. In addition, she has managed marketing research and evaluation for multiple types of Residential and Commercial & Industrial programs including building audit, energy education, renewable energy, energy education and information, finance, local government partnerships, low-income and behavioral programs. Ms. Campbell holds a master of business administration from the University of San Diego.