Zach Ross

Zach Ross is a Director at Opinion Dynamics with more than more than seven years of experience in managing and executing energy efficiency program evaluations and market studies. Zach has a particular research interest in advancing research methodologies to understand how energy efficiency programs affect how non-residential customers use energy. His primary responsibilities include extensive involvement in every stage of the research process: research initiation, primary data collection, project management, and analysis and presentation of data collected to best support the needs of Opinion Dynamics’ clients. Zach has a particular focus on data processing and management and marries technical and data management skills with an ability to clearly visualize and solve problems.

During his time at Opinion Dynamics, Zach has led or supported engagements with clients in Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, California, and the Pacific Northwest. He has played a key role in multiple baseline and potential studies across the country and is an active participant in the energy efficiency stakeholder process in Illinois.

Before joining Opinion Dynamics, Zach studied river and watershed restoration in Maine in association with several academic institutions and environmental organizations. He holds a Bachelor of Science in economics and environmental studies from Bates College.