Flexible Load & Pricing 

Unlocking grid benefits through innovative Solutions

Flexible Load & Pricing

Unlocking grid benefits through innovative Solutions


Opinion Dynamics provides unmatched expertise on load impacts and experience with innovative rates, dynamic pricing, and distributed energy resource (DER) controls. Utilities rely on our expertise to help maximize recruitment, retention, education and outreach campaign effectiveness, load flexibility, and customer satisfaction. We are a trusted partner for flexible load solutions, be it pilot or program, opt-in or opt-out, residential or commercial, time-of-use or demand pricing, or any other flexible load product.

Areas of Expertise

We help our clients identify ways to pilot, assess, and scale flexible load and pricing strategies that deliver customer and grid benefits.

Customer Insight

We are industry-leading experts in helping utilities understand customer needs, concerns, and motivations around their utility bills and technology; discovering the building blocks for utility-customer load flexibility partnership; and monitoring customer feedback on retail pricing products, pilots, and programs. We provide valuable customer and market insights at every stage of planning and implementation.

Pricing + DER Solutions

We help utilities understand how their innovative rates and pricing products intersect with existing energy efficiency and demand response offerings, and how they can best pair retail pricing with DER technologies like smart thermostats, home storage, and electric vehicles to meet grid challenges.

Flexible Load Impacts & Customer Experience Assessment

We bring together best-in-class customer insights, data analytics, program design expertise, and decades of industry experience to help energy providers plan, assess, and refine their load flexibility and retail pricing products, pilots, and programs to optimize and solve grid challenges, while fostering positive customer engagement.

Scaling & Optimization

We are well-versed in the hurdles utilities face when scaling retail pricing products from pilot to program or performing a default rate rollout. We partner with utilities to strategically plan their scaling effort, navigate new terrain, and mitigate risks.

As a multidisciplinary firm, we are optimally positioned to deploy engineering, data collection, and analytics expertise to effectively blend insights from the customer, grid, technology, and infrastructure perspectives.

Market Insights

We developed our Market Insights team to provide our clients with the best way to answer the question “why?” Our social science experts thrive on developing methodological approaches to address the toughest objectives. If you not only need a number, but also the reasons behind it, our market insights team ensures you get it.


Our evaluation specialists provide utilities with critical advisory services on designing tailored pricing solutions that meet the varied needs of diverse customer classes. We deliver the insights needed to successfully scale piloted rates that maximize customer awareness, understanding, and satisfaction. Our team brings decades of expertise estimating load impacts associated with an array of demand response and load flexibility controls.


Our engineering team provides technical support to estimate and understand how storage and supply technologies such as electric vehicles, home storage, rooftop photo voltaic, and other disrupting prosumer technologies impact load flexibility as they interact with novel retail pricing solutions.

Data Analytics

From customer bill impacts to load flexibility impacts, our Data Analytics team deploys advanced modeling and analytical techniques to estimate and forecast load impacts and associated bill affordability and other benefits associated with modern rate structures.

Data Management

Harnessing the digital billing data capabilities of AMI is key to delivering and assessing the impact of innovative time-varying rate offerings. Our team of data engineers and data scientists are adept at accessing multiple data formats, including designing and leveraging application programming interfaces (APIs) to automate the data pipeline. For devices that enable load flexibility, our team routinely gathers and analyzes device telemetry data to produce robust impact estimates, as well as process insights. In all cases, our team ensures these data are accurate, clean, and stored in a structure that best support the analytic and security requirements of the project.


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