Energy Services

Energy Efficiency Evaluation

Opinion Dynamics goes beyond just providing a number. Our analysts, engineers and business consultants support your programs through a rigorous assessment of impacts as well as strategic insights to help you design and build more effective programs. We serve as a trusted partner to ensure your programs exceed expectations.

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Smart Grid, Demand Response, and Behavior

The smart grid offers new customer engagement and program opportunities. Effectively leveraging smart grid data is the key to successfully implementing any new initiative. From demand side management programs to revenue-focused initiatives, our knowledge of customer behavior and energy markets will ensure you reach your goals.

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Energy Advising

Whether it is providing expert testimony, consulting on the design of your programs, or developing evaluation frameworks and defensible technical resource manuals, Opinion Dynamics is committed to supporting you with strategic and clear advising.

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Marketing Services

Market Research

As you consider new products, programs, and customer engagement strategies, we will support you with incisive market research that brings you closer to the everyday experiences and decision-making practices of your customers.

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