Energy Advising

North America’s energy industry has diverse, complex, and ever-changing regulatory climates, markets, and programs. At Opinion Dynamics, we provide you with a customized perspective that takes into account the similarities and differences between programs and regulatory environments and pair that with exceptional consulting and support to help you meet your goals.

As the largest independently owned energy evaluation and consulting firm, we give you access to our team of top-tier industry experts and ensure that you receive close and ongoing support throughout your initiatives. We know that a well-thought-out and customized program approach can mitigate regulatory risks. Our senior team members are looked-to leaders in the energy efficiency field, with specific proficiency in policy, planning, and research. The guidance we provide throughout all phases of research, program planning, product development, and portfolio cycle management will prove instrumental to the overall success of your efforts.

Energy Advising Services

Regulatory Support

Opinion Dynamics brings industry and regulatory specialists to assist you throughout the regulatory and stakeholder process, providing capabilities in all areas, from program design and planning through evaluations.

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Program Planning

To help you effectively design cost-effective programs that best serve your constituents and meet your regulatory goals, we offer research-based planning which, when combined with our vast industry knowledge, positions you for success.

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Stakeholder Management

We understand that effective stakeholder management is essential to success. We help manage and navigate the processes ensuring all perspectives are heard, and outcomes satisfy your needs and the needs of stakeholder groups.

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Protocol, Framework, and Technical Reference Manual Development

Our team offers you a wide range of technical and programmatic skills to help you develop your research protocols and frameworks.

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