Energy Efficiency Evaluation

Opinion Dynamics offers our clients customized energy efficiency evaluations that focus on delivering third-party objectivity while maintaining a collaborative action-oriented research process. When choosing Opinion Dynamics, you receive an evaluation that integrates best practices in evaluative research and methods tailored to your specific needs.

At Opinion Dynamics, we are known for delivering incisive evaluations that serve as a guidebook for decision-making. Unlike other firms that approach evaluation from an engineering and widget-only perspective, we offer you multidisciplinary approaches that blend our engineering, statistical analysis, and technical capabilities with techniques from fields such as sociology, economics, psychology, and anthropology to provide an in-depth, human-focused perspective on your customers and your market.

From market assessments to impact to process evaluations, we will provide you with a rigorous and actionable evaluation that will stand up to regulatory requirements.

Energy Efficiency Evaluation Services

Impact Evaluation

Opinion Dynamics delivers impact evaluation services to our clients throughout North America. We are experts in providing rigorous, accurate, and defensible energy and demand savings attributable to residential, commercial and industrial programs. We will tailor our efforts to meet your needs and to support your regulatory requirements.

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Process Evaluation

Opinion Dynamics provides process evaluations with a program design perspective. Our staff includes former program implementers, planners, and regulators who, coupled with our business and research specialists, understand how to leverage data to inform program managers and ensure successful programs.

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Market Assessment, Baseline, and Potential Studies

Market assessment, baseline, and potential studies require regionally specific approaches to ensure that your program initiatives are built on numbers you can depend on. While other companies apply work from other regions, we deliver primary research specific to your market.

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Evaluating Behaviors and Non-Rebate programs

As your organization explores untapped energy savings opportunities in behavioral and nontraditional programs, no other firm can offer you the breadth of process and impact research methods and industry expertise of Opinion Dynamics.

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Workforce Education and Training

Opinion Dynamics pioneered methods to estimate energy savings and measure economic outcomes from workforce training initiatives. We will guide your team through rigorous evaluations that measure and enhance training effectiveness. Our research approach can help to determine whether trainings are designed to produce intended outcomes and measure those outcomes.

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