Evaluating Behaviors and Non-Rebate programs

As your organization explores untapped energy savings opportunities in behavioral and nontraditional programs, no other firm can offer you the breadth of process and impact research methods and industry expertise of Opinion Dynamics. We are the looked-to leader in estimating the effects of nontraditional programs. From behavior and conservation programs to marketing, education, and outreach efforts, we develop and align the right evaluation methods with the right programs to provide you with the best insight. We have served clients throughout the U.S. and Canada on new program initiatives that work to lift their portfolios and generate direct savings. Our research toolbox contains innovative methods in the social and behavioral sciences that give you the power to estimate savings while unearthing the drivers and barriers to customer adoption. 

“Behavioral” and Feedback Programs

As our clients look to behavioral and feedback programs for savings, we offer trusted expertise and guidance to measure the impact and effectiveness of these programs from reports to online audits to in-home displays.

Marketing and Outreach

Opinion Dynamics was the first evaluation firm to quantify the energy savings impacts associated with marketing and outreach efforts. We will work with your team to leverage such techniques as structural equation modeling and tracking studies to estimate the impact your outreach efforts are having on your market.

Community-based and Grass Roots Efforts

Community-based and grass roots program efforts can mobilize action quickly and effectively. As a thought leader in social behavior, we offer you formative and evaluative research techniques that can guide your community partners in more effective outreach activities.