Impact Evaluation

Impact evaluations measure the energy and demand savings of a program. Opinion Dynamics delivers impact evaluation services to our clients throughout North America. We are experts in providing rigorous, accurate, and defensible energy and demand savings attributable to residential, commercial, and industrial programs. At Opinion Dynamics, we have engineers, economists, behaviorists, and statisticians who can take the theory of energy savings and translate it into practice. Our pragmatic approach ensures that we can cost-effectively develop savings estimates that will pass muster with the most discerning of regulators and is based on standard levels of rigors and frameworks in the industry, including the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (NAPEE), and California standards.

The key to impact evaluation is understanding the nuances of regulations throughout the country. For example, do we need to calculate results on a “net” or “gross” basis? Is there a Technical Reference Manual (TRM) in place that provides deemed savings estimates? Do we have access to customer billing information? Does the timing of the evaluation allow for pre- and post-data to be gathered and analyzed? Our approach is to review the external and business realities to develop an impact plan that serves the unique needs of each client. We use our knowledge of past program evaluations to inform our approach, but we adjust our approaches to the regions in which we are working.

Gross Impact Methods

Our team uses multiple research and data collection approaches. Specifically, we employ end-use metering, calibrated building simulations, statistical models and billing analysis, on-site calibrated engineering, and desk reviews. We leverage these methods across a portfolio, prioritizing the level of effort based on the potential energy savings and/or risk.

Net Impact Methods

Estimating net impacts requires smart, sophisticated research techniques that leverage best practices and customize them for your market. We offer you expertise in net impact evaluation approaches using self-report approaches, market models, store intercepts, net billing analysis, and comparison and control groups.

Market-Focused Methods

Increasingly, programs are having market-level effects that extend beyond their specific territories or intended markets. We have developed sophisticated techniques that use expert opinion and market data to estimate program impacts where standard measurement approaches break down.