Process Evaluation

Opinion Dynamics provides process evaluations with a program design perspective. Our staff includes former program implementers, planners, and regulators who, coupled with our business and research specialists, understand how to leverage data to inform program managers and ensure successful programs. At Opinion Dynamics, we see process evaluations as opportunities; we work closely with our clients to examine program delivery from tracking systems and implementation monitoring to examining market strategy and delivery tactics. We see process evaluations as central to meeting energy savings goals and we work with you to make informed and research-based decisions to improve the success of your programs.

Operational Support and Management Consulting

Often, our clients want to identify points of breakdown in their program operations, such as staffing levels, insufficient software and data support, or bottlenecks in communications and operations. We work with you to resolve these issues by engaging in a dialogue about your needs and wants.

Program Theory and Logic Model Review

We offer our clients careful program theory and logic model reviews to support program planning and implementation. We also combine our program theories and logic models with success metrics and outcomes to deliver practical models that our clients can consult on a regular basis.

Process Mapping and Evaluability Assessments

Our clients often require a clear “map” of their program processes, including data sharing and transfer points. To assist them, we examine their databases and tracking mechanisms to ensure they have the data they need to support their impact estimates.

Market Strategy Review and Targets Assessments

A core component of process evaluations is assessing the current market and program targets to ensure that the program deliverables align with customer needs and wants. We deliver this using primary and secondary research techniques. We go beyond customer satisfaction to give our clients the insights they need.