Workforce Education and Training

Opinion Dynamics pioneered methods to estimate energy savings and measure economic outcomes from workforce training initiatives. We will guide your team through rigorous evaluations that measure and enhance training effectiveness. Our research approach can help to determine whether trainings are designed to produce intended outcomes and measure those outcomes. The techniques and approaches we have developed to assess the overall energy savings and market effects of education and training, give you the insight and perspective needed to assess the overall value of these programs in your energy program portfolios. From impact to process to curriculum review, we are the team to help you assess and improve your workforce through careful and thoughtful research.

Impact Evaluation

Quantifying energy savings from investments in workforce education and training can be challenging and is often overlooked. We provide you with valid and reliable methods for turning training into savings.

Process Evaluation

Opinion Dynamics provides process evaluations with a program design perspective. Our staff includes former program implementers, planners, and regulators who, coupled with our business and research specialists, understand how to leverage data to inform program managers and ensure successful training programs.

Curriculum Assessment

Sound course design and delivery lead to successful education and training programs. Our staff applies knowledge of best practices in early and adult education coupled with a program theory perspective to assess curriculum. This assessment helps you strengthen students’ knowledge retention and program effectiveness.