Market Research

At Opinion Dynamics, our formula for success centers on catering to your research questions and delivering superior methods to answer those questions. We focus on strategic research initiatives designed to deliver incisive findings that will move you forward no matter what your end goal.

We take the time up front to truly understand your research questions and customize our data collection techniques to best answer your questions. While other firms take a cookie-cutter approach to market research, often recycling the same survey instrument for similar initiatives, our approach is different and customized. We recognize that you invest in research to learn something new, and our goal is to deliver new insight to you.

Our market research skills are unmatched in the energy industry and greatly respected in other industries such as healthcare, education, political polling, association work, and more.

Market Research Services

Market Segmentation

We know there are many ways to segment and we will deliver an approach to meet your specific goals. From branding to micro-targeting, we will bring you closer to a one-to-one conversation with your customers.

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Product Development

We offer you exceptional product design and development research. From ethnography to focus groups, in-home research to in-store intercepts, we have the tools and techniques to ensure your market success.

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Social Marketing and Umbrella Marketing

Marketing for social change is wholly different from marketing products. Our behavioral research knowledge will ensure that you identify the barriers and drivers to change through effective messaging.

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