Market Segmentation

There are many ways to define your market, but only one way will most efficiently meet your specific goals. Segmentation studies divide your market into groups with shared characteristics to help you market more effectively. We offer you a segmentation study that is customized to your needs through careful planning and collaboration. There are many ways to  divide customers into groups, but only one way that will deliver what you’re looking for.

Our team will work with you to determine your segmentation needs. They will offer customized segmentation for branding, umbrella marketing, new product design, merchandising and in-store targeting, program promotion, and micro-targeting at the household level.

We are invested in making sure our segmentation strategies help you realize your market potential. We can develop your segmentation through proven survey research techniques and provide your team with rich qualitative detail for messaging or household-level propensity scoring for targeted outreach. You can be assured that our segmentation research will provide you with a framework for decision-making. 

Product Development and Merchandising

Customer preferences for products can differ dramatically. Through careful segmentation, we can help you identify your target customers and develop strategies to speak to them at the point of purchase.

Program Segmentation

Programs often offer a wide range of services with the goal of changing one or more behaviors. In this way, our program-based segmentation helps you consider which segments to target along many potential paths to participation and the specific social and political drivers that will help or hinder your progress.

Branding and Messaging

A successful messaging campaign must generate loyalty under a unifying idea or principal. We understand that this specific research requires careful attention to popular sentiments and trends among segments that can affect your efforts. We have the knowhow to customize your segments to your competitive climate.


Segmentation is only as good as it is actionable. The Opinion Dynamics team has implemented groundbreaking modeling techniques to assign customer segments to customers at the household level. We have proven results to demonstrate how our work can dramatically increase customer uptake.