Product Development

Opinion Dynamics offers an end-to-end approach to product design and development research where each step in the process serves your overarching marketing goals. We work as research partners with you throughout your entire process—from that first idea to the point-of-sale. Using techniques such as ethnography, focus groups, triads, in-home interviews, and in-store intercepts, we ensure that you fully understand the marketplace before you launch.

Opinion Dynamics is uniquely qualified to carry out product research. With decades of experience, we have performed product design and customer segmentation across a wide range of sectors—from produce and banking to energy and education. Working closely with your team, Opinion Dynamics will translate your vision into reality through a focus on consumers’ needs and wants.

Product Design

Taking an idea from a concept to a product starts with design. Our research will allow you to shape your idea into a practical and marketable design that will entice consumers.

Product Merchandising

Once your design is in place, Opinion Dynamics will fashion a research plan that will more broadly test the marketability of your product. Through both qualitative and quantitative methods, we will develop merchandising tactics and themes that allow you to put a strategic marketing plan into action.

Target Marketing

Success in today’s crowded marketplace cannot be achieved with generic marketing approaches. Using micro-targeting—tailoring specific messages to specific audiences to appeal to the personal wants, needs, and desires of consumers—can ensure your message stands out from the clutter.

In-Store Promotion

The final piece of the marketing puzzle is offering your product in the best possible retail environment. We work with you, by conducting in-store intercepts (on-site surveys), to design a retail assessment program that gauges the attitudes of real, on-site consumers in their decision-making process.