Social Marketing and Umbrella Marketing

Opinion Dynamics is an expert in conducting formative and evaluation research for social marketing and umbrella marketing campaigns and programs. Whether you are looking to develop persuasive messaging or to benchmark your campaign’s success, we have the expertise you need.

Our expertise spans multiple industries. We have delivered research in support of energy programs and brand development, substance abuse cessation efforts, and political campaigns among others. Across all areas, we begin with a practical and theoretical understanding of behavior, focusing on behavior change drivers including awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and intention. When working with us, you gain a team of experts in both the quantitative and qualitative research approaches essential to designing and assessing social and umbrella marketing impacts. We use data collection methods such as ethnography and focus groups to provide strategic direction prior to developing a platform and visual identity, and pre- and post-campaign surveys to measure a number of metrics prior to and after the launch of your efforts.