Information Feedback

Increasingly, program administrators are providing customers with feedback to motivate them to take action. Beginning with our grounding in behavior-change theory, we provide you with expert insight into your program’s success and failures with an eye towards generating even greater energy impacts. We offer a team of  social scientists with a strong footing in these program models that can advise and help guide your program design and evaluation—from developing successful intervention approaches to delivering verifiable energy savings to regulators. 

Direct feedback programs

With new smart grid technologies, new direct feedback programs are emerging. We offer guidance on and evaluation of direct feedback programs that use specialized devices and interfaces to provide customers with information about their energy use in real time or near real time intervals.

Indirect feedback programs

Most utilities offer some form of indirect feedback to their customers. We have a wide range of experience in this area. Indirect feedback programs provide customers with information about their energy use after the usage has occurred. They include reports, online dashboards that detail billing usage over the course of the customer’s billing period, and online audits that allow customers to identify the key energy-using equipment they have installed in their homes.