Transportation Electrification


Transportation Electrification


Delivering pivotal insights at the intersection of the customer and the grid

We are uniquely equipped to support this transition with an understanding of the current state of electric vehicles across the country, advanced analytical tools, and deep knowledge of grid infrastructure, rates, tariffs, utility investment strategies in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and programs designed to help customers manage their energy use. As a leader in customer behavior research in the energy sector, we have extensive experience gathering insights into the residential and commercial customers across light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicle segments.

Areas of Expertise

We help our clients identify ways to accelerate electric vehicle adoption, effectively manage electric vehicle charging, and evaluate the climate and grid effects across light, medium, and heavy-duty transportation sectors.

Customer Adoption

We understand each step along the customer adoption journey. Our experience conducting segmentation studies, adoption forecasts, and innovative methods to understand user experience help our clients develop programs and incentives designed to cost-effectively increase adoption across customer segments.  We deliver insights to overcome obstacles faced by commercial and residential customers, including the specific challenges faced by environmental justice communities that experience disproportionate impacts from transportation pollution.

Managed Charging & Customer Behavior

We help our clients develop methods and strategies to manage the additional electric load on utility grid infrastructure that grows alongside electric vehicle adoption. Through technology assessments and implementation of pilot programs, we provide our clients meaningful insights that allow utilities to recognize the benefit of this flexible resource.

EV System Optimization & Analytics

We provide insight into how our clients can optimize investments to maximize customer, societal, and grid benefits. We support our clients at every stage of deployment, from developing distribution load impacts for existing and future adoption to strategies that harness vehicle grid integration as well as recommendations to help enhance grid stability.

Climate Effects

We assess both the historical and future emission impacts associated with investments in transportation electrification across the country. Our analytics inform both the implementation of our clients’ programs and the policies that support them.

As a multidisciplinary firm, we are optimally positioned to deploy engineering, data collection, methodological, and analytics expertise to effectively blend insights from the customer, grid, technology, and infrastructure perspectives.

Market Insights

Our Market Insights Team is devoted to answering the question, “Why?” Comprised of industry-leading social scientists, we ensure that all study results are reliable and valid, and equally important, provide meaningful conclusions for utilities, regulators, and stakeholders. We apply our skills in understanding the customer experience, behavior, and adoption of electric vehicles and charging stations to provide information and insights to scale efforts to reach broader transportation electrification goals.


We take an embedded evaluation approach, which allows us to adapt our approaches early in the program design and implementation process to provide valuable insights at key decision points. We work collaboratively with program teams early on, creating a feedback loop to help all parties better understand complex market adoption patterns. Throughout this process, we focus on yielding insights that provide not only the “what,” but also the “why” of electric vehicle adoption, to ensure high degrees of customer adoption and continuous engagement.


As the design and implementation of L2, DC Fast charging, and smart grid-enabled charging stations continually evolve, our engineers are leading the charge to find the impacts of emerging technologies on vehicle and battery life cycles, performance and the relative greenhouse gas emissions generated by these technologies. We utilize field measurement, verification, and advanced metering activities in the analysis of charging station performance, operability, and utility grid impact assessments.

Data Analytics

Our team leverages economic, statistic, and behavioral science methods to support the adoption of electric vehicles. Our analytics experts provide insight into the value of electric vehicle infrastructure investment, differences in customer charging behaviors and associated impacts to the grid, as well as estimating greenhouse gas emissions and criteria air pollutant reductions from EV adoption. We create engaging dashboards that integrate seamlessly with our data management platform translating complex inputs into actionable results.

Data Management

Our Data Management team collects, ingests, and manages the diverse range of data sources found in the transportation electrification landscape. Our data engineers and data scientists are adept at accessing multiple data formats, including designing and leveraging application programming interfaces (APIs) to automate the data pipeline; connecting to existing data channels to access interval data from electric vehicle charging providers and utilities; and integrating customer survey responses into custom data warehouses. In all cases, our team ensures these data are accurate, clean, and stored in a structure that best support the analytic and security requirements of the project.


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