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We have earned a reputation for tackling robust, multi-faceted projects that require both technical and project management excellence. Our client-focused approach rests upon three pillars:

  • Flexibility: We know one thing when we start a project—things will change! We develop our scopes as a living document that address changing priorities and objectives throughout a project ensuring our deliverables meet our client needs.
  • Independence: We are independently owned and operated—our executive staff have lived and breathed this work for almost 30 years. We are trusted advisors who are focused on providing accurate and defensible information to allow our clients to make key decisions.  No outside influences change this approach.
  • Custom approach: We utilize our experience to focus on the nuances of a project, which allows us to customize our approach to each engagement.

Stronger Together

At Opinion Dynamics, we are dedicated to fostering a diverse, Equitable, and inclusive work environment.

Different viewpoints, opinions, and ideas can propel innovation and drive change for good.  Our commitment to fostering diversity, equity,  and inclusion at all levels of our company starts with hiring and retaining individuals with an array of talents and backgrounds. We all benefit when everyone can bring their authentic selves to work. Not only our employees, everyone. We actively seek out collaborators and suppliers that share this commitment. Together, we can solve the complex challenges facing the energy industry for the betterment of a changingand increasingly diverseworld.

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Since 1987, Opinion Dynamics has been a market leader in providing our clients with accurate and actionable information regarding energy and how people consume it. Our staff consists of over 70 energy-focused experts who inform our clients on strategic planning and operational enhancement through the continuous development and improvement of methodologies, technology, and innovative research.


professionals focused solely on energy

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Principal Consultant

At Opinion Dynamics, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to study participant and societal non-energy impacts that result from energy efficiency programs, particularly those targeted toward low-income and disadvantaged communities. Outside of work, I take lots of long walks, tend to my garden, and hang out with my three cats.



Principal Consultant, Engineering

I am a passionate building scientist that believes our built environment should rejuvenate and inspire us. At Opinion Dynamics, I am working on greenhouse gas and decarbonization efforts within buildings. In my personal life, I am an avid lover of parks and explore them through camping and hiking.

Careers at Opinion Dynamics

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Work with purpose. Every day our staff tackle projects that make a meaningful impact on sustainability. Measuring the way people use energy informs strategies and methodologies for carbon reduction and adapting the grid to become more agile through sustainable solutions. For our staff, their daily work has a purpose well beyond what we produce for any given project. Their solutions focus on future energy goals to make the world a more hospitable place for generations to come. Interested in taking part?

Chloe joined Melanie’s team back in February 2020. Reflecting on her time here with Opinion Dynamics, the long-time New Englander, and amateur contortionist described her ideal work environment as one that involves an office chair half-her size—specifically Melanie’s, extended lunch breaks, snow, and opportunities to photobomb a video conference. 
Meet Elsa. Elsa prides herself on being the head Communications Manager Assistant – the dogs objected at first but then realized less work means more nap time. And the cat decided to take over as official Keyboard Warmer, so it worked out. I can say with confidence she is not the most helpful of note-taker thou… more like note destroyer as evidenced above. (Elsa: You didn’t need those last-minute inspiration bits anyway) 
Introducing two-time reigning champion of Opinion Dynamics’ Halloween Costume Contest and occasional hype man for the Portland office, Gustavo Folks! Gustavo is not new to Instagram fame, but in a recent interview was asked to comment on what it’s like to work alongside Jordan at Opinion Dynamics – his response, “I like squirrels.” 
Please welcome Jenna’s two fuzzy coworkers, Beemo and Simmons.

“I have been sharing my office with my two fur-daughters for over two years now. 

Early in the pandemic, I went a little stir-crazy and decided it was time to get a cat. I couldn’t have one growing up due to allergies in my family (including myself). After posting on Facebook about desperately wanting a cat, I was directed to a friend of a friend who had a 3-month-old kitten in need of a home. I messaged her immediately and drove two hours to Connecticut the next day to pick up my first furbaby, Beemo! Beemo loves to lay on or next to my keyboard while I try to work, chase laser pointers, and eat treats. She is the princess of the household.

A few months after adopting Beemo, I decided to adopt her a friend! The animal shelter I’d been volunteering for at the time told me about a six-month-old kitten they’d recently found on the streets. A neighbor had been feeding her, and they could tell she was potentially hurt and way too sweet to be on her own. It was love at first sight. Despite living on the streets for an unknown amount of time, Simmons is the sweetest, most friendly cat I’ve ever met. Simmons has a slight limp when she walks due to a leg injury that healed incorrectly before she was rescued, but that doesn’t stop her from playing with toys, sprinting up cat towers, or rolling on the ground to beg for pets.”
A warm introduction to Allyson’s right-hound man, Hudson. 

New to the consulting field, Hudson is finding his voice—literally—and has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to track new leads. Hudson’s determination to hunt down information sometimes yields answers to questions we didn’t even know were being posed—like, who else visited this bush, or where did that piece of trash go? 

Outside of work, Hudson enjoys hiking, long walks, and visits to the Coast. 
Introducing Marketing’s co-editor, Annabel Lee, or Belly. 

Belly’s quarterly review concluded with the following note: “Belly is a magical beastie who snuggles like the snuggliest toddler ever—about as likely to lick you when you least expect it like a toddler too. She likes to sit behind me and tuck her face under my chin because I let her sleep like that as a wee thing.” 
Introducing Charlie, a five-year-old dachshund and junior statistician at Opinion Dynamics. 

According to his supervisor, Anna, Charlie is a smart, happy, and very entertaining coworker. Despite needing constant attention and lying on his resume (Charlie marketed himself as a miniature dachshund), Charlie works like a dog—meaning, not very hard at all—and is an indispensable member of the Data Analytics team. 

Pictured above is Charlie’s favorite way to decompress after a long day of watching Anna write codes and analyze data. Anna calls this activity “post-shower pampering and extra carrot crunchies.” 
Pictured above is Aaiysha’s oldest cat, Shadow during one of their ongoing typing lessons. Poised, confident, and undeterred by language barriers, Shadow is well on their way to earning a spot on Opinion Dynamics’ Editorial team. 

Here is an excerpt from Shadow’s latest writing sample: “Dshdafsdhk dddddddddddd sdjdskldd nnnnnnnnnn ssssss kkkkkkk.” Haunting. 
From our furry, fluffy, and feathered family to yours - Happy #NationalPetDay
“We celebrate the winter solstice, and the picture I shared with you is from last year’s Yaldā Night. On that night, we gather around a table of fruits and other spreads and read the collected poems of Hafez, a famous poet. The book is kind of like a deck of fortune telling cards. You flip to a random page and read whatever poem your hand lands on.”
 – Masha Safari, Managing Consultant
“Ah, I hear the Folgers jingle in my head, with a slight twist: ‘The best part of waking up (on Thanksgiving) is a turkey in your deep fryer.’ Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like the original, but the sensory satisfaction is there. Sometime in the past—after I moved to Boston and before I had my own children—my parents embraced deep-frying our Thanksgiving turkeys. The southern backdrop of this (I grew up in South Carolina) is ideal. The fall is crisp with explosive colors (yes, New Englanders, there is foliage with a drawl), and it’s a beautiful time of year to sit outside with friends and family, share stories, laugh, and wait for the turkey to emerge from the fryer. This has become a wonderful tradition that I appreciate more each year and now share with my own family. Best part, besides being absolutely delicious, is that this also works well in New England for Thanksgiving and for Christmas in the Carolinas.”
 – Yvonne Abel, Head of People and Culture
“My family has a tradition of making Christmas ornaments that have notes for all the important things that happened to us that year. These are some of the ornaments we made to celebrate my niece and nephew.”
 – Laura Small, Managing Consultant of Data Analytics at Opinion Dynamics
“So…we light our turkeys on fire…
These are the before and after pictures. We do this every Thanksgiving, and I am not entirely sure why to be honest. The guy doing the lighting is my grandfather (a.k.a. my Jiddo), Ahmad El-Hindi. He immigrated from Palestine to go to Syracuse University in 1948 and has cultivated a large community in the Syracuse area. With the exception of last year, he hosts a Thanksgiving dinner with about 30 to 50 people every year. Many of these folks are related to us (we have a large family), but you can always find a number of new faces. 

In particular, he is great about inviting people that are new to this country or are visiting and aren’t familiar with the idea of an American Thanksgiving. He is so inclusive that he often creates some challenges on the day of. We often need to find more places for people to sit, but there is always enough food. Again, not sure why the tradition started, but it has always been a great way for us to come together to celebrate each other’s company, give thanks for all that we share, and kick off a great feast.” 
– Paul Wasmund, Associate Director at Opinion Dynamics
“As a childless millennial, my Christmas tradition is spoiling my two kittens rotten with treats, toys, and love.” 
- Jenna DeFrancisco, Consultant at Opinion Dynamics
“A photo documenting our family’s decade long tradition of holding a Thanksgiving Talent Show. After dinner, we gather around and put on plays, lip sync battles, dances, skits, etc. No act means no dessert!

This year, my husband, children, and I won 1st place (see the plaque to the left with the mounted green Yogurtland spoon, which was what we originally gave away each year until we got our act together). My family told a story called “An Adventure with Howie” while drawing shapes to symbolize various places we visited. Together the shapes formed a turkey! Howie is my brother-in-law who manages to bring our whole family on his crazy adventures.” 
– Dr. Aaiysha Khursheed, Principal Consultant
Greeting the sunrise! Winter solstice festival

“We start a fire on the eve of the Winter Solstice with our Yule Log. We use a log cut from a previous holiday tree. (We use a fake tree at least every other year, so we cut multiple logs from fresh trees when we get them and let the logs dry in our basement until it’s time for the Yule Log. Then we stay up all night, keeping a candle burning after the Yule Log burns out, until the sunrise. We greet the sunrise with the song Sol Invictus.

On Solstice we all get one gift from family (Ada & one parent buy for Evey & the other parent and vice versa). We also get matching pjs and one book each plus a book to read as a family. We’re letting the kids stay up all night for the first time this year & plan on playing games, reading, etc. At sunset, we talk about the past year and what we want to let go of & write it on paper then burn it with the Yule log. We also talk about our goals & hopes for the next year. I think this year we will attach those the the Yule log we’ll burn next year so we can review them and burn them to make space for new dreams, hopes, & goals.”
 – Liz Law, Editor and Content Specialist at Opinion Dynamics
“We usually kick off our holiday season with a visit from our elf, Buddy. Last year, the kids were surprised to find him in the treehouse. This year, he showed up wearing Mickey Mouse ears and joined them on a surprise trip to Disneyland.

Other traditions also include keeping the naughty elf, Blu, away from the tree.”
 –Lisa Pagliuca, Director of Marketing and Communications at Opinion Dynamics
“My grandmother made a big fuss about holiday meals. Everything had to be just right. She loved decorating and setting the table with the fancy silverware, linens, and chocolate. Thanksgiving brought chocolate turkeys; Christmas meant chocolate trees; and Easter meant chocolate bunnies. That chocolate was not only a decoration but also the “carrot” that cajoled me into eating vegetables. Her judgmental stare-down helped as well. The chocolate was the solid kind that’s so rich you get a stomachache that is so worth it. 

My sister now hosts the holidays, and she happily continues this chocolate tradition. I don’t even eat the chocolate now, nor do I need it to convince me to eat vegetables, but the beautiful table settings always bring a smile to my face. It continues to incentivize my nieces and nephews to eat those vegetables, and they still ask to eat it before the meal has even begun, just as my siblings, cousins, and I did. This photo is from Thanksgiving 2021.” – Mary Ridgely, Business Administrator at Opinion Dynamics
As we write the final chapter for 2021, we wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season! 

As the end of the year is often a time for reflection and family with celebrations rich in tradition - we asked our staff to share the stories behind some of their amazing holiday traditions!
Meet our newest director, Bradley Campbell, PMP. Bradley joins us with more than 25 years of industry-specific experience. Bradley is an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin, where he earned bachelor’s degrees in Portuguese, philosophy, history, and the history of science, as well as a master’s degree in public affairs. Originally from the Northlands of Wisconsin, Bradley has since settled down in Madison, Wisconsin, with his wife and sons and will join us remotely. 

When Bradley isn’t working, he likes to retire to his cottage on Lake Koshkonong with his wife, who he describes as an “absolutely amazing person” and “the best (step)mother I could have dreamed of having in my boy’s lives.” There, he spends hours on end sitting by a fire and gazing out at the water: “I can pass an entire day doing nothing but that,” he explains, “especially in the quiet of winter.” In the coming spring, Bradley looks forward to taking his son to England and Scotland for his 18th birthday, since he missed out on previous celebrations during the pandemic. After that, Chile, Argentina, and Southeast Asia are on the Campbell family’s travel wish list, as well as a special trip to Zimbabwe, where his host son is from. 

When asked what song he could listen to over and over again, Bradley responded, “I cant think of a specific one. However, I did not discover The Wall until my freshman year of college (seriously) and listened to that on repeat until my roommate threatened unspeakable things if I did not play something – anything – else.”

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Our staff drives innovation and thought leadership throughout our industry. Members of our team provide leadership to our industry through participating in boards, writing papers, serving on committees, providing thought leadership, and speaking at industry events.

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