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We have earned a reputation for tackling robust, multi-faceted projects that require both technical and project management excellence. Our client-focused approach rests upon three pillars:

  • Flexibility: We know one thing when we start a project—things will change! We develop our scopes as a living document that address changing priorities and objectives throughout a project ensuring our deliverables meet our client needs.
  • Independence: We are independently owned and operated—our executive staff have lived and breathed this work for almost 30 years. We are trusted advisors who are focused on providing accurate and defensible information to allow our clients to make key decisions.  No outside influences change this approach.
  • Custom approach: We utilize our experience to focus on the nuances of a project, which allows us to customize our approach to each engagement.

Stronger Together

At Opinion Dynamics, we are dedicated to fostering a diverse, Equitable, and inclusive work environment.

Different viewpoints, opinions, and ideas can propel innovation and drive change for good.  Our commitment to fostering diversity, equity,  and inclusion at all levels of our company starts with hiring and retaining individuals with an array of talents and backgrounds. We all benefit when everyone can bring their authentic selves to work. Not only our employees, everyone. We actively seek out collaborators and suppliers that share this commitment. Together, we can solve the complex challenges facing the energy industry for the betterment of a changingand increasingly diverseworld.

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Since 1987, Opinion Dynamics has been a market leader in providing our clients with accurate and actionable information regarding energy and how people consume it. Our staff consists of over 70 energy-focused experts who inform our clients on strategic planning and operational enhancement through the continuous development and improvement of methodologies, technology, and innovative research.


professionals focused solely on energy

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Principal Consultant

At Opinion Dynamics, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to study participant and societal non-energy impacts that result from energy efficiency programs, particularly those targeted toward low-income and disadvantaged communities. Outside of work, I take lots of long walks, tend to my garden, and hang out with my three cats.



Principal Consultant, Engineering

I am a passionate building scientist that believes our built environment should rejuvenate and inspire us. At Opinion Dynamics, I am working on greenhouse gas and decarbonization efforts within buildings. In my personal life, I am an avid lover of parks and explore them through camping and hiking.

Careers at Opinion Dynamics

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Work with purpose. Every day our staff tackle projects that make a meaningful impact on sustainability. Measuring the way people use energy informs strategies and methodologies for carbon reduction and adapting the grid to become more agile through sustainable solutions. For our staff, their daily work has a purpose well beyond what we produce for any given project. Their solutions focus on future energy goals to make the world a more hospitable place for generations to come. Interested in taking part?

Lydia Conway joins Opinion Dynamics as our first-ever Director of Talent Acquisition. Lydia brings over a decade of recruiting and talent acquisition experience. She has led strategic recruitment processes, managed high-performing teams, and successfully hired exceptional talent in both small and large organizations. Lydia also brings experience in the areas of talent management, DEI, and HR operations, so her contributions as Director of Talent Acquisition will be impactful and strategic across the organization.

Get to know Lydia: 
Office location: Waltham, MA

A movie, song, book, or TV show you can consume over and over again: The Office; any song by Dave Matthews Band

Favorite way to spend a weekend: playing outside/going on adventures with my two little boys; spending time with family in MA and CT 

Secret talent or unexpected skill: I have been a ventriloquist since the age of six and performed with my dad across the US and even made a guest appearance at the Harvard club in London, England. I still regularly attend international ventriloquist conventions and perform from time to time at local events.

Why Opinion Dynamics? I am impressed by the significant impact Opinion Dynamics is having on environmental and energy issues. Opinion Dynamics seems to have a fantastic company culture filled with incredible people to work with. I am beyond excited to join the People and Culture team and take over the TA strategy, streamline processes and procedures, lead recruitment on all roles, drive a world-class candidate experience, and continue to promote an amazing employer brand.
Please welcome our new Lead Engineer, Joe Plummer! Joe is an experienced engineer and consultant with expertise in Commercial, Industrial, and Small Business efficiency programs. Joe led the development of the nation’s first Digital TRM! 

Get to know Joe: 

Office location: Minneapolis, MN
A movie, song, book, or TV show can you consume over and over again: I love adventure stories. I’m currently rereading the story of Magellan’s journey around the world. The River of Doubt by Candice Millard—about Theodore Roosevelt’s expedition to an uncharted river in the Amazon—is another favorite.

Favorite way to spend a weekend: Getting outside for hiking, biking, or skiing and having good food and drink with friends.

Hidden talent: I’m a decent musician on guitar and piano. I am the lead guitarist in a local band that gigs around Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Why Opinion Dynamics? I applied for a position with Opinion Dynamics because I knew some quality people there and because of the company’s solid reputation in program evaluation and market research. I also wanted to have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge topics such as strategic electrification and decarbonization.
Please welcome one of our newest consultants, Aritra Samanta! Aritra finished his master’s degree in data science this past year at American University after receiving a master’s degree in public policy from Rutgers the year prior (and a bachelor’s degree in economics from McGill before that). Over the course of his studies, Aritra taught various statistics courses and conducted wide-ranging econometric and policy research, leveraging Qualtrics surveys, ArcGIS, R, STATA, SPSS, Python-based web scraping, focus groups, and interviews to explore everything from workforce preparedness and urban development.

Get to know Aritra: 
Office location: La Jolla, CA
A movie you can watch over and over again: Snowpiercer
Favorite way to spend a weekend: Exploring local neighborhoods!
Please join us in welcoming Romie Tejeda, who recently started as a Consultant in our La Jolla office. Romie finished her Master of Public Policy last year at UCSD’s School of Global Policy and Strategy and now joins a growing cohort of GPS alumni at our company. Before grad school, Romie worked at the Mexican Regulatory Commission. She has spent this past year at Diurna Energy as a policy analyst and community program coordinator, engaging students on renewable energy issues.

Get to know Romie:

A movie, song, book, or TV show can you consume over and over again: Gilmore Girls, Friends, Star Wars, and Harry Potter
Favorite way to spend a weekend: Riding my bike along the coastline

Hidden talent or unexpected skill: Excellent communication with Cacti & Succulents 

Favorite place: Home
One thing you never get tired of talking about: Plants and my love for random animals (Like Capybaras & Kinkajous) 

Go-to lunch spot: La Jolla Cove
Please welcome Jessica Raker, who has joined Opinion Dynamics as our new Director of Engineering! Jessica brings over 20 years of diverse engineering and industry experience to the team. Jessica shared this amazing selfie, complete with a breathtaking view taken while cross-country skiing! 

Get to know Jessica:

A movie, song, book, or TV show can you consume over and over again: LOTR nerd over here!
Favorite way to spend a weekend: A balance of coffee, baked goods, and outdoor adventures.

Secret talent or unexpected skill: Losing at all sporting events…Someone has to do it!

Favorite place: Depends on the day, but Vancouver Island is up there.
One thing you never get tired of talking about: My kids!

Go-to lunch spot: Um, my kitchen? Maybe Thai or Japanese food.
Please welcome, Shraddha Pingali! Shraddha recently joined our Data Analytics team as a Quantitative Analyst!

Shraddha comes to us from Boston University, where she received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Analysis and Policy (B.A.) and her graduate degree in Energy and Environment (M.S.). While at BU, she conducted research in several labs, including a coastal biogeochemistry lab where she studied the impact of oysters on estuarine silica cycling and used remote sensing and deforestation measures to evaluate government interventions and payments for forest ecosystem services in Colombia. Shraddha also worked for the Boston University Center for Innovation in Social Science to research rising temperatures' impact on energy and electricity demands through economic modeling. 

Get to know Shraddha:
A movie, song, book, or TV show can you consume over and over again: Game of Thrones
Favorite way to spend a weekend: A long swim and/or pretty hike, a big meal, and then going to the movie theater.

Favorite place: I can’t decide on a specific place, but Iceland is my favorite country that I have visited!
One thing you never get tired of talking about: watching tennis! (I am a huge Roger Federer fan)

Go-to lunch spot: Chipotle (I will go there for any meal!)
Nicole brings more than a decade of combined administrative and event planning experience to the Opinion Dynamics team. With an education in hospitality management and human services from Mass Bay Community College and exposure to a range of industries, we’re excited to leverage Nicole’s experience with internal and external event coordination, office administration, and business development in her cross-functional role as Operations Assistant – Marketing. 
As a native of Massachusetts, Nicole joins our corporate headquarters. Outside the office, you can find her sampling new restaurants, trying her hand at a new recipe, lounging at the beach with her significant other and friends, or attending (mostly) country concerts. As someone who loves to cook and bake, Nicole’s appreciation for Top Chef borders on obsession, and she is happy to discuss any and all seasons. She also never tires of talking about her favorite place in the world: the Bahamas. When asked what might surprise her coworkers to learn about their new teammate, Nicole explained, “I was born with a club foot and was expected to never be able to walk. I beat the odds. I danced competitively and played soccer for 13 years.”
Please give a warm welcome to Lenore Zeuthen, Associate Director at Opinion Dynamics! 

Lenore joins us with 15 years of evaluation and consulting experience in the energy industry--9 of which were devoted specifically to demand side management. She also brings deep expertise in qualitative research and communications strategy. An alumnus of Brown University, Lenore earned her bachelor’s degree in modern European history, then completed an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Lenore was introduced to Opinion Dynamics through her board work with the Peak Load Management Alliance, where she was immediately struck by our team: “…they formed the perfect Venn Diagram intersection of nice, smart, and interesting. Plus, they made me laugh.” 

You can find Lenore obsessing over home improvement projects or taking her dog on field trips outside the office. She also enjoys studying foreign languages and, at one point in her career, seriously considered joining the Foreign Service! Lenore is a huge fan of Veep and has watched all 7 seasons twice. When asked to name the one thing she never gets tired of talking about, she explained, “Insular cultures fascinate me. If you’ve read one of my favorite authors, Miriam Toews, let’s discuss!”
We would like to warmly welcome one of our newer consultants, Laura Bradford!

Laura joins Opinion Dynamics after completing a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in psychology from CSU Long Beach. With six years of higher education dedicated primarily to psychological research, Laura brings rich experience in program evaluation, lab management, and lab research to the Survey Team. She was drawn to Opinion Dynamics for our collaborative and energetic work environment.

A native of Poway, California, Laura currently resides in San Diego, where she enjoys walking the beach, kayaking, boating, or “anything with water!” Laura never gets tired of talking about her cat or watching Forrest Gump. She’s traveled as far as Italy and Greece and hopes to visit Paris and Switzerland next. 

When asked what might surprise her coworkers to learn about their new teammate, Laura responded, “I can’t whistle.”
Please give a warm welcome to Opinion Dynamics’ Vice President of Technical Strategy, Dr. Jordan Wilkerson!

Jordan is a multidisciplinary engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the energy, climate, and transportation industries—15 of which were dedicated to both the supply and demand side of the utility sector. An Alumnus of Stanford University, Jordan earned his master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering with an atmosphere/energy focus, then went on to complete a doctorate program in management science and engineering a few years later. Jordan collaborated with our team on various past efforts, so when “the opportunity to work [full-time] alongside the smart, mission-driven people who’ve created Opinion Dynamics’ reputation for high-quality work” knocked, he had to answer it. 

A Veteran of the U.S. Air Force and Maryland Air Force National guard, Jordan’s home base was largely military-dependent. Born in Minot, North Dakota, he’s lived in more than a dozen states and multiple countries before landing in Kensington, California, a community in the San Francisco Bay Area. When Jordan isn’t working hard to solve critical energy and environmental challenges, you will most likely find him baking, cooking, or tending to his garden of orchids, which bloom year-round. Jordan enjoys birding, hiking, and rock climbing. Though his interests often pull him outside, he can always be lured inside for another rerun of The Empire Strikes Back or Jurassic Park. 

When asked to name one thing he never grows tired of talking about, Jordan responded, “Just one? Plants, birds, EVs, and process improvement.”
Please give a warm welcome to James Newburg!

James joins us from Michigan, where he’s spent the last few years working toward a doctorate in political science from the University of Michigan. His research has focused on “improving how attitudes toward racial, ethnic, and cultural differences are measured in surveys to better understand how they shape American public opinion.” With nine years of experience conducting quantitative social science research, James will play a key role on our survey team, overseeing survey methodology, designing questionnaires, and leveraging various software for statistical analysis and survey administration. On making the transition from a career in academia to one in the energy industry, James remarked, “I was looking to work at a company that made a positive impact on the world. I’m excited about working at Opinion Dynamics because it gives me the chance to have some small part in healing the planet for my children and future generations.” 

Originally from San Jose, California, James moved to Michigan for grad school but plans to relocate to Rhode Island later this summer to join his extended family. During the week, James’ go-to lunch spot is Zingerman’s Roadhouse (“if you know, you know”). Outside the office, you can find him teaming up with his wife, Amelia “in an effort—often in vain—to keep up with Hank, our three-year-old son” or listening to an Oakland A’s baseball game. As far as TV recommendations go, James recently enjoyed the HBO series, “Winning Time,” which, he explains, follows “the rise of the Los Angeles Lakers ‘Showtime’ dynasty in the 1980s” and at one point “depicts Larry Bird as a miserable person who’s literally referred to as ‘Darth Vader.’” When asked to name one thing he never grows tired of talking about, James explained, “My family, including our second child on the way!”
We've had some fantastic new staff join the Opinion Dynamics team! And it's my pleasure to be able to showcase their amazing photos and a little about them here in our Employee Spotlight.
Associate Director, Aaiysha Khursheed stands in awe of Darth Vader at none other than…Legoland! The KISS stormtrooper t-shirt was a delightfully geeky touch.
Liz Law most definitely knows her way around the Buffy-verse and appreciates a good show – now blend that into a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”-themed burlesque show for a fan win! 

Photo credit: Jon Beckley
Performer: Lucifer Christmas
Every office needs a brew chem geek, and for Opinion Dynamics, that brew chem geek is Jordan Folks. 
Jordan started homebrewing craft beer in 2011, after a house fire led to new living arrangements, a new roommate, and housewarming gift that would occupy the next 10 years of his life. When the two broke grad school students were gifted a homebrewing kit, they jumped at the chance to make their own beer. “I’ll never forget that first batch,” he reflects, “It was dreadfully awful!” Excited to put their brew-chem skills to the test, Jordan and his roommate paged through a homebrewing guidebook, landing on the first IPA they could find: a malty, oaky blend known as the Maryland IPA. The batch “coalesced into a virtually undrinkable mess,” but the pair was so proud of their carbonated concoction, they choked it down to the last drop.
Fast forward 10 years, and Jordan has brewed hundreds of batches, mastered several styles of brewing, and won dozens of medals for his beer, including two gold medals at the 2022 National Homebrew Competition. 
Pictured above: Jordan shared three of his award-winning brews at Opinion Dynamics’ afterparty for the Forth Roadmap Conference in Portland. Thank you again to @baerlicbrewing for hosting us!
It’s no secret. At Opinion Dynamics, our staff are a passionate and enthusiastic bunch — and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

So, in honor of Embrace Your Geekiness Day, we asked our staff to share some of the things they geek out over. Scroll to see some of the awesome geekdom coursing through our offices!
On this 9th anniversary of International Women in Engineering Day, we celebrate the contributions of #InventorsAndInnovators like our very own Mahsa Safari, who inspires us through her work! 

We asked Mahsa, "why engineering?" Her response: "To have a role in the creation of systems that support life on earth :)."

"This picture was taken a few years ago when we were installing a solar panel on the roof of a community center." 
- Mahsa

“8 out of 10 commutes result in this view of my impending doom. That might be an exaggeration, but I always stash a raincoat in my workbag. I took this photo from the crest of the Broadway Bridge before descending into that gray mass. I'm really slow at cycling, so I just kind of tucked my chin down and accepted the unnerving beauty of this place.” -Sabrina Skelly, Document Production and Proposal Specialist
“To bike from SF to Oakland, you have to cross the bay! You can either take Bart's underwater tunnel or take the ferry! For a little while when we returned to the office, I commuted part by bike and part by ferry! It made for some beautiful pictures.” – Laura Small, Associate Lead Data Analyst
If you’re ever visiting our Portland office, you’re bound to run into this mural, which sits just down the road. Associate Director, Jordan folks captured this shot on his ride in. Someone was feeling a bit territorial over their 1% Sunshine Milk.

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