Electrification & Decarbonization

Insights For Building a Clean Energy Future

Electrification & Decarbonization

Insights for building a Clean Energy Future


We work with clients nationwide to design strategies, support policy development, gather market intelligence, and measure performance for all aspects of electrification. By applying a variety of analytical approaches we help our clients assess each opportunity and implement the most appropriate and cost-effective strategies to achieve their goals.

Areas of Expertise

We deliver comprehensive and integrated services; from strategizing to meet evolving market and distributed energy goals, to customized tracking and analytics, as well as to delivering products that empower and inform our clients.

Portfolio & Strategy Planning

We help our clients determine the best solutions to equitably develop a zero-carbon future that benefits customers, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, supports beneficial grid impacts, optimizes cost-effectiveness, and identifies effective job creation and training policies. Our customized strategy, planning, and measurement efforts include baseline and potential studies, which model customer insights, technology, and market characteristics across multiple scenarios, including fuel switching, to support optimal portfolio planning.

Customer Perspectives, Market Development & Technology Adoption

We uncover customer and market actor motivations for adopting electrification technologies. These efforts characterize markets, uncover barriers and opportunities for market development, provide technology adoption insights across diverse customer segments, and measure market transformation over time.

Cost Benefit Analysis & Frameworks

We develop accurate accounting for the collective impact and often interconnected value streams of electrification strategies. We have pioneered innovative approaches that allow our clients to assess the cost-effectiveness of combined energy efficiency, beneficial electrification, and demand response interventions—increasingly focused on both energy and non-energy impacts.

Grid and Climate Effects

We help our clients optimize electrification strategies based on their unique market and grid conditions to achieve electrification goals while maintaining a safe, reliable, and clean energy grid. We understand that emissions effects vary by electrification strategy, location, temporal effects, and the energy supply mix. Through modeling grid and emissions impacts, we account for increasing electric loads and the proliferation of distributed energy resources that could otherwise exacerbate existing grid challenges.

As a multidisciplinary firm, we are optimally positioned to deploy engineering, data collection, methodological, and analytics expertise to effectively blend insights from the customer, grid, technology, and infrastructure perspectives.

Market Insights

Our Market Insights team provide our clients with the best way to answer the question “why?” Our team studies customers’ and market actors’ relationships with electrification strategies and technologies to identify the most effective approaches—from messaging and training to program design and incentives—to increase customer adoption of electrification technologies.


Our team is on the forefront of the changing evaluation and cost-effectiveness landscape nationwide. New applications of energy resource technologies, such as air source heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, thermal storage, and other Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), do not have a rich history of measurement and verification. Our expertise ensures that electrification and decarbonization outcomes capture the changing value streams of relevant policy while adhering to industry best practices.


Our engineering team studies the theoretical and practical effects of electrification technologies. We study the electric load, net energy and emissions impacts as well as performance drivers to understand the variability and reliability of those effects across customer segments, time of year, weather patterns, and energy supply mix. Our analysis of net energy and hourly grid effects support forecasting, program design, evaluation, and TRM development.

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics team leverages modeling and analytical approaches to measure electrification and decarbonization of individual buildings and the electric grid. Our expertise spans load profiling of equipment, homes, and the grid; modeling of locational, temporal, and total net grid impacts; and estimation of stacked net impacts from energy efficiency, demand response, and electrification sources.

Data Management

Our Data Management team collects, ingests, and manages the diverse range of data sources needed to characterize markets, track program activity, monitor equipment performance, measure customer- and grid-level impacts, and track market transformation over time. Our team of data engineers and data scientists are adept at accessing multiple data formats, including designing application programming interfaces (APIs); connecting to existing data channels to access interval data from end-use equipment, submeters, and utility meters; and integrating customer survey responses into customized data warehouses.


Case studies & White Papers

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Heat Pump Market Case Study

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