Portfolio Design & Evaluation

Market Leaders Now and into the Future

Portfolio Design & Evaluation

Market Leaders Now and into the Future

The energy landscape is ever-evolving with new challenges to solve and emerging questions to answer.

Changing policy goals, increased adoption of advanced technology, and the ongoing transition from a siloed energy efficiency perspective to a broad, grid-integrated forum requires forward-thinking solutions. Our multi-disciplinary team of methodologists and technical experts listen to our client’s needs, design tailored research and analytic solutions, and turn data into insight. Our customized evaluations focus on delivering third-party objectivity while maintaining a collaborative, action-oriented research process providing an in-depth, human-focused perspective on findings.

Areas of Expertise

We help our clients meet changing industry needs using an integrated and customized approach.

Portfolio Evaluation

We specialize in evaluating integrated portfolios of energy efficiency, demand response, distributed energy resource, behavioral, market transformation, and customer engagement programs targeting both the residential and commercial sectors.

Energy, Grid, Economic and Climate Impacts

Our innovative approach to evaluation leverages best-in-class statistical modeling, rigorous engineering assessments, and deep subject matter expertise in energy supply and distribution to quantify impacts tailored to our client needs.

Market Assessment

We deliver unmatched social science methodology, survey design, qualitative inquiry, and data collection capabilities to evaluate customer behavior and decision making, as well as characterize market dynamics.

Program Design & Potential

Our team works with our clients to understand how programs holistically encompass a portfolio, as well as the critical aspects of design and implementation that support its potential. Coupling program design knowledge with potential study expertise across a range of service territories, we deliver insights not only regarding how a portfolio performed, but what a portfolio can achieve.

As a multidisciplinary firm, we are optimally positioned to deploy engineering, data collection, methodological, and analytics expertise to effectively blend insights from the customer, grid, technology, and infrastructure perspectives.

Market Insights

Our Market Insights team provide our clients with the best way to answer the question “why?”. We seamlessly combine cutting-edge social science methods with data science tools. As a result, we provide our clients with data-driven recommendations to improve program cost-effectiveness and achieve long term market-focused goals.


Our Engineering Team understands the nuances of the research they conduct and serves as working partners with our clients. Our engineers apply formal engineering training and jurisdictional knowledge of utility infrastructure, to ensure that our clients receive specific analytic insights attuned to the ‘big picture’.

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics team leverages economic, statistic, and behavioral science data methods. Our analytical skills provide insight into the value of infrastructure investment, the differences in customer  behaviors and associated impacts to the grid. Working with our Data Management team, we create engaging dashboards that integrate seamlessly with our data management platform translating complex inputs into actionable results.

Data Management

Our Data Management team is designed to collect, ingest, and manage the diverse range of data sources found in the energy landscape. Our team of data scientists are adept at accessing multiple data formats, including designing application programming interfaces (APIs), and connecting to existing data channels to access interval data from electric vehicle charging providers and utilities as well as integrating customer survey responses into custom data warehouses. In all cases, our team ensures these data are accurate, clean, and usable, and are stored in such a way that it can be easily accessed by those who need it.


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