WALTHAM, MA., May 20, 2021 – Opinion Dynamics is pleased to announce our new website at opiniondynamics.com.  According to CEO Brad Kates, “We designed our new website to better reflect our areas of work, philosophy, and values, and highlight our amazing staff.  With all of the work we are leading surrounding beneficial electrification, transportation electrification, and flexible load, along with our energy efficiency evaluation work, we are excited about the future.”

Opinion Dynamics is also pleased to announce two promotions to Senior Vice President:

Megan Campbell leads our California-based work, and our San Diego office.  She exudes our client-based focus and serves as a trusted leader for some of our largest clients.   Her custom-based approach to her work has helped a number of her staff seize interesting opportunities and grow their careers within Opinion Dynamics.  She is a master project and client manager who ensures that Opinion Dynamics combines our great subject matter expertise with unparalleled project management.


Olivia Patterson serves as a subject matter expert on emerging areas including flexible load, demand response, and electrification, and as such leads our Business Development team.  She is well known in industry circles, offering thought leadership and training to a range of organizations, particularly through her role on the Executive Committee at the Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA).  She brings a rare combination of analytical horsepower along with personal gravitas to all her engagements.

“Both Olivia and Megan have been integral in creating and maintaining the Opinion Dynamics culture.” Kates continued, “They bring enormous energy, talent, and subject matter expertise to their work.  Not only that—they are quick-witted and fun to be around.  I am so excited to continue working with them in their new positions and congratulate them on reaching this milestone in their careers!”

About Opinion Dynamics – Opinion Dynamics works to advance knowledge to address emerging energy and social issues through sound and insightful research. It is the largest independently owned company that focuses on energy efficiency, transportation electrification, beneficial electrification, and flexible load. It is headquartered in Massachusetts with offices in Northern and Southern California, and Portland, OR, as well as satellite offices throughout the country.

Media Contact:
Keri Bailey, Communications Manager