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We bring an unmatched level of project management and technical expertise to our work.

Our industry expertise includes energy efficiency, strategic electrification and decarbonization, transportation electrification, and innovative pricing as well as customer-focused strategies that unlock flexible load.

Who We Serve

Our clients include electric utilities, public utilities commissions, regional energy organizations, energy start-ups and more. The one thing all of our clients have in common is a thirst for the truth. Whether it’s research to scale a pilot program, determine the savings associated with a market intervention, or measure the success of a marketing campaign, we pride ourselves on providing accurate and defensible information.

Where We Began

Our roots are in opinion research. That provided an entry point to our energy clients, where we systematically added core competencies to form our market insights, engineering, data analytics and data management groups. We now provide a comprehensive set of solutions to those seeking factual answers to the toughest questions.

Multidisciplinary Team


Our staff includes social scientists, economists, engineers, data scientists, statisticians, data managers, and market researchers. The secret sauce is how we collaborate with each other. Our team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences—both personally and professionally; however, we all share similar traits: intellectual curiosity, collaborating in a team environment, and pride in providing our clients with the most accurate and useful information possible.

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Lessons Learned from Mature Heat Pump Markets

We recently completed a comprehensive heat pump market characterization study to inform decision-making and goal setting for nascent programs. Learn more about the findings, the technology, and the market through our interactive article.

Opinion Dynamics to Support New York's Clean Transportation Prizes

The New York Clean Transportation Prizes program launched in 2021 to advance solutions to reduce air pollution, enhance electrification, and grow mobility options in underserved communities across the State through three competitions: Clean Neighborhoods Challenge and Electric Mobility Challenge, and the Electric Truck & Bus Challenge.

Cooking: The Trickiest Puzzle Piece for Building Electrification

In our latest article, Jen Loomis discusses the benefits and hurdles to making induction mainstream. 

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